We’re on a mission to help Indians thrive in the stock market.

Six years ago, we built an app that gave traders a power they'd never had before: free access to realtime stock prices on mobile. In the years that followed, our users could perform blazing fast analysis on charts, track equities, set alerts, run scans, analyse options, follow stock news, and learn strategies from pros - all without paying a rupee or opening another app.

Today, Market Pulse has grown to become India's only superapp for traders, offering everything they need to trade, analyse, learn and thrive, in one tightly integrated app.

Going forward, we're shifting gears in our journey to help Indians trade with confidence. Sniper, the latest addition to the superapp, is a smooth new trading platform backed by a support network that genuinely cares. Next year, we’re developing the industry’s most revolutionary skill-building platform for traders.

This is why we exist: to enable people to create wealth on their mettle. And we can’t wait to walk this road with you.

  • 2.4M+
  • 6 LAKH
  • 4.5 RATING
Mobile Market watch
Everything you need to analyse, learn
and thrive, on one superapp.

Feel it to believe it

Experience butter smooth trading on Sniper, the new trading platform on your Market Pulse superapp.

Market Pulse & Sniper Trading Partnership

Feel it to believe it

The seamless integration between the two platforms becomes obvious as you switch quickly and effortlessly between your Market Pulse watchlists and charts, and your Sniper order book and positions.

Sniper delivers every capability you need to place trades: order book, position, funds, reports and more. The platform uses a safe two-step security login, and comes in a clean, sleek dark mode interface, reflecting the Market Pulse UI experience that our users love.

  • Account opening - FREE
  • Brokerage per executed order - 20*

    * Brokerage per executed order: 20

  • Market Pulse Premium - FREE FOR 1 YEAR
  • Platform usage charges - 300

* Brokerage per executed order: 20 or 0.25% whichever is lower on commodity futures (does not apply to early access benefits program).

Market Pulse & Spiper Trading


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