Marketing Strategy Consultant

Bandra West, Mumbai | India

Help us scale to 1M users and gain market dominance
If you like to scale under tough weather, we have the right product for you


We are looking for a marketing strategist who has proven expertise in scale B2C products rapidly

At Market Pulse, you will be the brains behind our road to 1M users. Join us to help Market Pulse reach out to the entire trader and investor community in India through scalable, sustainable and profitable marketing strategies

Key Responsibilities / Skills

Key Requirements

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Our Mission

Connect financial markets to masses and empower them to invest decisively

Join our mission and embark on a journey that will improve the lives of millions of investors and traders.

Our Philosophy

“Work should be a love-affair. Every moment, you should work to create what you really care for”
Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev


705, Makani Center,

35th Road, Off Linking Road, Near National College,

Bandra West, Mumbai - 400055, India


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